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We are fascinated in bringing a memorable experience of the touring services from modern living reaching to the nature and rarely seen lifestyle of Cambodian people.

We bring you another experience to see a wonderful vibrant night light of the city from a boat view, to visit night market, to test delicious sample street food or to try the best restaurants in town.

Who We Are?

MotogirlTour is branch new travel guide company in Phnom Penh offering a tour guide with a unique and most convinient way to check out the city on a two-wheels drive.

Night City Tour

Shopping Paradise Tour

Love to check out for a sightseeing out of a busy city? An adventure tour is taking place across the Tonle Sap river to a remote island called Silk island. Our girls will bring you to experience relaxation and old fashion lifestyle of Cambodian people.

Welcome to MOTOGIRLTOUR Phnom Penh

If you already know the places and would like to suggest for your own designed tour locations, we are welcomed to have a dicussion to be your companions.

Need to find some souvenirs or gifts for your friends and family? We are ready to take you to the best shopping experience and help you to bargan for the best local price.


Our tour services

A fun ride in the city to the most popular attractions in Phnom Penh. Learn the history and culture of Cambodia and drive around to see the view of city in the morning.

Day City Tour

Day Adventure Tour

Custom Tour

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