Day Adventure Tour

If you would like to get out of the busy city and enjoy the feeling of the country side, the Day Adventure Tour very suits for you.

Day adventure tour is the countryside tour to the Silk island. On the way there, you will across the Japanese bridge over the Tonle Sap river. After that we take a ferry with many other islander people to the island. On the ferry, you will enjoy the view of landscape and fresh air; furthermore, if you are lucky enough you will be on ferry with the cow across the Mekong River!!! Once arrive the island, you will be able to see different kinds of plant, farm, local home, freeland animals, a monk trash made-house, dragon boat, local primary school and many other interesting things. You will also get a chance to talk with the monk and other local people to understand or to learn more about their living lifestyle, culture and believe. After that, we will visit the ancient wooden house, which designed and made by Mr. Sok, who was the Khmer architecture in the Royal Palace. The house sometimes is used for Khmer traditional movie or karaoke shooting. 

In the tour, we also include horse card riding around the village for 15 minutes. The villager still use the horse cart for delivery their fruit and vegetable from their farm to home or market, so you also get a chance to interact more with local people.

Tour Includes:

  • Free pickup and drop off at the hotel
  • English speaking tour guide, motorbike, fuel​
  • Ferry ticket for going to visit the island
  • High quality helmet
  • Raincoat (if needed)​​

14:00 PM – 18:00 PM

$50 / Person

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Taking on a Ferry

The only way to get to the Silk Island is by taking on a ferry acrossing the Tonle Sap River. You will be able to check out nice view along the river with fresh air.

Day Adventure Tour
Day Adventure Tour

The Island Lifestyle

Going around the island to see how people make their living with traditional business, farming and feeding animals.

We also stop at some of the islander’s house to show our respect and interest to the local and you would also be able to have a good time for relaxing, taking photos, having local-made fruit juice and also a conversation to learn more about their living lifestyle.

People’s Business

The tour is taking on to a place where silk worms are raised and how they can produce such beautiful traditional dresses from this animal.

You will see from how they raise the animal, how they get the silk and how they convert it into such valuable incident in making clothes.

Day Adventure Tour
Day Adventure Tour

Farming & Harvesting

We are taking a tour to see people doing their farming via their transitional ways. The tourists would be able to see different kinds of fruit, vegetable and rice field. If we are lucky enough; we would also be able to taste some delicious fresh fruit that the local just harvesting right at the farm. 

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“The Highlight of my Thailand/Cambodia Trip”

The Moto Girls are genuinely lively company for touring around Phnom Penh. Fun, intelligent, and adventurous; these women will make you feel like you’re with friends. They are also very cognizant of your safety and comfort, which allows you to just relax and enjoy yourself.

My favorite tour was the Day Adventure Tour: meeting school children, talking with a Buddhist monk, learning about silk worms from a multi-generational weaving family – every interaction was a genuine experience. I learned so much: not only from the tour itself but from the Moto Girls – talk about knowledgeable and articulate women! I am proud to have supported their small business and especially their endeavor to break into the male-dominated transport service industry.

Visited March 2017


“fantastic tour to the countryside”

After doing a scooter tour in HCMC before I really wanted to do one in Phnom Penh as well and I was really glad to find the Motogirls on Tripadvisor. I ended up doing both the day city and the day adventure tour.

The day city tour was very good but the day adventure tour was really fantastic, so if you only do one tour I would definately recomend going on the adventure tour.

Basically you’ll get picked up at your hotel, sit on the back of the scooter and get driven around take a couple of ferrys and enjoy the countryside. The girls put together a really interesting program including a silk workshop, riding a horse cart and visiting a nice cambodian house of a famous cambodian architekt. It’s surprising how close to the city life gets very rural and you quickly get the impression, you are the only tourist anywhere close. And if you’re lucky and get the timing right you’ll be on the ferry and see the skyline just in time for sunset.

Travelling alone I was lucky enough to get two sisters as tour guides to myself. Both spoke great english, told me loads about Cambodia and were really fun to spend the day with. And I did get the impression that the two had as much fun driving me arround as I had being driven around. At least they took almost as many pictures as I did.
Everything was well organized and planned. Pickup was punctual. Surprisingly I felt totally safe on the bike all the time and not having to drive myself wasn’t intimidated at all by phnom penh traffic.

If I’m ever in Phnom Penh again I’ll do another tour with them.
I contacted them via Whats app and got a very fast reply, so I guess that’s the easiest way to arrange for a tour.

Visited September 2016 

Day Adventure Tour